Canadian Tuxedo My Way

Here is one trend I never thought I’d buy into: Bucket Hats. When I was a child I hated them all, could just hear my parents saying ‘don’t forget your hat’ and then forcefully pulling it onto my head… what changed? I don’t know but something possessed me and told me to try it out to see if I could pull it off. I purchased one on a whim and realized that they are comfy, quite fun and in a way reminiscent of the 20’s flapper style hats. I paired it with a Michael Kor’s jumpsuit and played with your classic complimentary colors. What do you think of bucket hats? Is it a yay or nay?

Published by savoirfairefille

Just a Canadian girl who wanted to write about her favorite things: art, fashion, and the savoir-faire! Instagram: @mariyagvg Art instagram: @marieillustrates

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