Elbaz + Lanvin

I was deeply saddened to find out about the death of Alber Elbaz; former creative director of Lanvin. He passed away from Covid at age 59 on April 24th, this is yet another reminder of how grave a problem this pandemic is. This sad news took me back and I found myself drowning in theContinue reading “Elbaz + Lanvin”

Confessions of a Jeweler… Things you may not have known but we wish you had!

I have been working in the jewelry industry for the past few years and have compiled a list of things that I thought would help eliminate some of the language barrier that I have witnessed on multiple occasions between the jeweler and you; the client. This post is an attempt to answer some of theContinue reading “Confessions of a Jeweler… Things you may not have known but we wish you had!”

Melancholia I

I wanted to start off on a realistic note… So lets talk about melancholy. Have you ever found yourself staring at a work of art and it felt like looking in a mirror? Has a piece of art ever brought out what you feel at your core? And I mean, to a point where youContinue reading “Melancholia I”

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